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Certified Translation




  • Your certified translation from [SOURCE LANGUAGE] into [TARGET LANGUAGE] ([XX] files totaling [XX] pages).
  • Within [XX to XX] business days following receipt of payment, you will receive a proof of the translation for review prior to certification.
  • Certified translation(s) will be sent to the following address(es):
    • [List address 1, along with # of copies & its delivery method]
    • [List address 2, along with # of copies & its delivery method]
    • 123 Example Street, Unit 789, Cityville, ST 12345 (1 copy shipped via USPS)
    • 456 Urgent Road, Suite P, Townton, ST 67890 (3 copies shipped via FedEx Overnight)
    • [Etc.]

This quote is valid for 60 days from [DATE].

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If you have any questions, please contact us by email. Be sure to include your reference number [Log Number] on all written communication with our office.

This quote is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Thank you!


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