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Offices at US colleges help international students transition to their new school and community.

US colleges and universities have offices specifically for international students and the unique issues they face.

The office — often called International Student Services — will not only help you meet US government rules, but can also help make living in your new community easier and more fun.

Living in America

Advisers at International Student Services will talk to you about any academic or personal issue you have. If they can’t help, they will recommend someone who can help.

The office may also pair you with a mentor or student who can answer questions about campus and everyday life in the US.

Your mentor or an adviser at International Student Services may also be able to help you determine your options for:

  • student housing
  • student banking
  • transportation
  • US driver’s license
  • health insurance

Many US colleges and universities have orientations specifically for new international students. Afterward, International Student Services may send you newsletters to keep you informed about campus events and government regulations.

Activities Sponsored by International Student Services

Of course, student life on campus isn’t only about classes. Your International Student Services office can help you meet new people and explore your community.

Ask if International Student Services organizes student travel programs for students from other countries. You may be able to visit a nearby park, city or even the county fair as part of a group.

International Student Services can also point you to international student clubs and other activities. In addition, many colleges hold an “international week” that allows all students to explore different cultures through food and study abroad programs.

Government Rules

The International Student Services office and its advisers can keep you up-to-date about US rules and regulations pertaining to international students. Ask your adviser about:

  • US visas
  • government forms
  • working in the US
  • US taxes
  • leaving and re-entering the US

Some offices for International Student Services also guide international students through the college admissions process and advise them on their options for financial aid.

Visit International Student Services as soon as you arrive on campus to see what is available to you!


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