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5 Places International Students Can Find Support

Starting college is a big change for all freshmen, and even more so for freshmen who also are international students. That's why US colleges and universities offer a variety of support services for international students who have crossed oceans – or at least a border – to be there.

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Jul 12th 2022

Preparing for Study Abroad: Documents Checklist

If you have recently been accepted to a study program abroad, you must be nervous but also so excited! But while you might want to start packing your favorite things immediately, there is something more important to keep in mind: collecting all the necessary study abroad documents.

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Jul 12th 2022

Earning an International Education: What Are Your Options?

With the increased emphasis on globalization in recent years, it makes sense to get an international education. This is probably why the option to study abroad is growing in popularity among college students. But if you're a high school student looking towards your future, your choices for getting an international education don’t end there.

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Jul 12th 2022


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